Friday, July 02, 2004

UK Flirty and Fun!

So now that I have your attention, I'll disappoint you by saying it's only the name of an AOL chatroom. We got Instant Messenger so we could chat for free in real time on those occasions when Alex was too far away to call. We'd often stop by this chatroom to cause our own brand of havoc, and generally have a laugh. Soon, we got talking to a regular bunch of people, one of whom was "Dave".

Dave was a nice kid, but HOPELESSLY innocent. He would often boast about his on-line girlfriend, who was a teenage model who lived with her multi-millionaire parents in Florida (Can you see where I'm going with this?). We saw her picture, and she came online a couple of times. This had been going on for a couple of months, and Dave was "in love". So Dave decides to go out and stay in their mansion for a fortnight. Bear in mind that this is a 20 year old chicken - factory worker from the north of England who has never even been to London. He uses his life savings to fly to Orlando to see a girl who told him she would tell him her address WHEN HE ARRIVED. He doesn't even have her phone number. So there's poor Dave. Waiting...

We tried and tried to talk him out of going, to no avail. Alex had insisted he book a hotel in case "Ashely" was "delayed", and thankfully, he took that advice.
He flew home the next day. As far as we know, he still believes that Ashely is a real person that let him down, and not just someone sitting at their keyboard playing a practical joke. As Alex said, the day he flew out there: "Dave. Is. Doomed". I feel sorry for the guy, but, what part of "IT'S JUST A COMPUTER SCREEN, ANYONE CAN TYPE ANYTHING" does he not understand? In a way, I'm glad he learnt his lesson, without coming to any real harm.

As soon as our daughter is old enough to type, she'll just have to surf with one of us practically glued to her shoulder....

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