Wednesday, July 14, 2004


The Tard Blog is BACK!

Having been a Grade-School teacher near London, and the Mother of "gollum", I thought this was really funny and well written.

There's one story that says something like "Yes, they're tards, but they're MY tards, and no bitch f**ks with them!

Exactly the way I felt about my pupils. I went to visit them at school the other day (Hadn't seen them since I left at Christmas) and it was a great big huggle-fest, which was lovely.

On a similar note, we got our daughter's Pre-School report today. It was SO accurate, it was as if we'd written it ourselves.

"...is a very friendly, very independent little girl, who expects everyone to respond to her. Sometimes, however, slightly more reserved children can be a little overwhelmed by her "You WILL be my friend" approach"

Actually, I would have taken out the "slightly", and "a little". And added something like "The Witness Protection Programme has several new clients". Oh well. So she likes to lead / win? So she's not "reserved"? She's not bullying or violent. She "bounces through life", they say. Confident, happy, a pain in the ass, and above all...

She's OUR tard!

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