Thursday, July 22, 2004

Neighbours from Hell / Kentucky?

Blogbrother Johnny-Oh, of Closet Extremist has kindly given us some advice in our hour of need. As I said in his comments, it's a very pleasing mental image...

However, Alex has discovered that they inspire terror not only in Satan, but in Evil Glenn himself!

Being an altruistic sort of person, I've come up with a solution to suit all! I have put together the perfect relocation package. WE'LL be happier. They'll CRETAINLY be happier. Uh, I meant to type "certainly" just then, but I'll leave that in, as it looks like "cretin". Strange...

Here it is:

First they get to move here.

I'll gladly supply a video-guide to the neighbourhood and I'll even throw in one of these!

I can just see them now; frolicking among the pick-up trucks with their illegal firearms, founding an entire dynasty of Munchkins, all of whom are *ahem* "related", and scrawling an "X" next to John Kerry's name on a ballot paper saying "No way I'm votin' for HIM!"

Lets hope they never steal "aquire" a computer.

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