Sunday, July 25, 2004

Munchkin's Got a Brand New Bag!

Or, rather, I have...
Here is the full, disturbing story.

This happened an hour ago. Alex is out with our daughter, and I'm alone in the house reading one of my favourite blogs.

tap... tap ...tap...

Now I know the Knock of Doom when I hear it. Can I convincingly pretend to be out?
With all the windows open, and music playing? Probably not...

I open the door and there she is. I take Harvey's advice, and speak in short, sharp sentences. Thankfully, I manage to convey the impression that I AM BUSY and I am not able to invite her in. However, it seems her visit is not antisocial!

She thrusts a plastic bag into my hand, saying that our daughter might like what's inside. I'm very apprehensive, as the last thing they gave us was a hideous toy pushchair that their eldest daughter used to play with.(This was promptly named "The Chariot of Evil", and disposed of as quickly as possible) I digress. Inside the bag was a shiny new purse. It had a picture of a kitten on it, and some sequins. These are fashionable over here at the moment.

She said she had just "found it".

If so, why wasn't the receipt in the bag? I mean if someone had dropped it, as she claimed...

Had they stolen it? Had they spent their hard-earned dole money on it? I've no idea. But I don't like this new tactic one bit.

And the fact that it has a kitten on it, given my last post is, just too damn creepy!

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