Sunday, July 18, 2004

The Munchkin Returns!

Saturday night. Half past nine. Daughter finally asleep. Chinese food has just arrived and then we hear it. Staring at each other in utter horror, we hear it again. The Knock Of Doom!


I almost wished it WAS Evil Glenn.

Hiding in the bedroom, I let Alex deal with it. And BLESSED our new front door with it's handy spy-hole. He came in, whispering, "It's HER. I can just see the top of her head".

Cowering under the covers, I heard a muted exchange. Then he gave her two cigarettes and the door closed.

Apparently, she was gibbering on about not being able to get any money out of the cashpoint, and the pair of them had obviously come home from the pub before closing time, having run out of money.She'd tried to push past him twice! Now these people are (at least) FORTY, not fourteen! What the hell are they doing, begging for a couple of cigarettes?!

I told Alex that maybe next time, he should put the chain on, and then we both had visions of that scam from "Leon", where he's hiding by the doorframe with his bolt-cutters. *shudder*

Given their history, we can't even say "You can't come in. We're in BED"....

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