Friday, July 30, 2004

"Intercourse, Pennsylvania"?

I love reading Belinda Jones. Especially as her characters are always off to places I want to visit...Capri, Las Vegas, and recently, a road trip across the United States. Yay! The premise of this one is that a gal looking for love decides to travel to some U.S towns with appealing-sounding names ( eg..."Climax, Colorado") and then to write about her adventures. Double Yay! I find it's autobiographical. The girl has DONE this!

Given my earlier experiences, I was loathe to ask Google if "Intercourse, Penn" really WAS a town, let alone, ironically, an Amish Community. Then, I finish the book and guess what? The author has a website where you can check out all the places she stayed in!

Come my winning lottery ticket, I'm at the place in Arizona!

Oh, and I also found out that both Ronald Reagan, and George Bush were both male cheerleaders. Apparently. Plus this great line: "We were really pleased when Bill became President, as at least it got him the hell out of Arkansas!" *snicker* I bet the forks in those family trees tripled overnight...

As for "Gaylord Hotels", I really wasn't expecting that to be real...You wouldn't get away with that name over here!

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