Tuesday, June 08, 2004

That Reminds Me...

I went to Spain when I was nine. We had a great apartment. The tapwater had sand in it, but this was a GOOD thing, as it meant instant exfoliation upon showering (I kept that tan all year!)

The only "problem" was the guys upstairs.
We were never sure how many of them there were.
They all had moustaches, and wore faux-leopardskin "Posing Pouches"
They made a lot of noise at night.

When my Mother mentioned this to the landlord, she was told, (imagine Spanish accent)

"Oh, they are the HAPPY people!"
"Yes! HAPPY! They have no wives, Si?"
"Oh, so they're happy because they're not married?"
"Si Signora! HAPPY!"

I wonder to this day whether the penny ever dropped for my Mother....

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