Thursday, June 03, 2004

The Instapundit T-Shirt Babe (A Filthy Lie)

It was late at night, and we were settling down to watch a film.


There was only one person it could be...

"We're not going to answer the door, Glenn, so just go away for God's sake!" I yelled.

A faint rustling noise from outside complete with muted cursing...

"Are you STILL there, you... you... LAWYER?"

"Indeed. My Opera Cloak seems to be caught in the door"

Trapped!!! We had him. The truth about the Instapundit T-Shirt was within reach.

"O.K. We'll let you go if you tell us about your new E.G.I products"

"Heh. You don't want to know, believe me"

"I don't think I could be any more shocked than I was by this, Glenn", I answered bravely.

"No? Go here then, or even better, HERE!" he cackled.

He really WAS the personification of all that is Vile and Unholy...

Barely managing not to faint with horror, I composed myself enough to specify " T-Shirts....PLEASE, the new T-Shirts ONLY"

"Well personally I like to wear one of these when I'm making spaghetti sauce or blending a puppy, but, since you ask, I do have a shortlist of applicants. I couldn't decide between the top-hatted one or the little minx in the cloak , so I've chosen a human lady instead. When I've photoshopped a few feathers and a lovely shiny yellow beak on her she'll be just perfect. Mmmmm....."

Shuddering, I went to the page he directed me to. Whatever could he mean? Oh NO! Surely even Glenn wouldn't stoop to defacing such a beautiful woman!

"You'll never get away with that, Reynolds, NEVER!" I cried hoped.

Oh God, this man was truly MONSTROUS...

"LITIGIOUS!", I heard him shout, as he ripped his cloak in the door and ran off laughing....

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